The exhibition WHAT S HE BUILDING IN THERE, reference to a song by Tom Waits, will be the inaugural show hosted at CLAPTRAP.


It will display a series of works by young international artists all actively working to shape a new narrative in the contemporary arts. Deciding to engage with materiality as a whole, giving it motion, strength or fragility, the oeuvres of each artist belongs to now. Reaching the importance of tactility, the stimulation of senses and the experience of simply being.


Participating artist: 

Leendert Van Accoleyen (BE), Timothée de Brouwer (BE), Doris Hardeman (NL), Leo Alessandro Lopez (FR), Azuli Peeters (SA), Albert Riera Galceran (ES), Robert Soroko (BE)

Graphic Design by WWWESH Studio

Photography by Thor Vermin

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